1333.03 Redemption of trading stamps by persons in trade, business, or profession.

Any person engaging in a trade, business, or profession, who distributes, delivers, or presents to a person dealing with him, in consideration of an article or thing purchased, a stamp, trading stamp, cash discount stamp, check, ticket, coupon, or other device entitling the holder thereof, on the presentation thereof either singly or in definite number, to receive from the person issuing or selling them or from another person, money, goods, wares, or merchandise, upon the refusal or failure of such person issuing them to redeem them, as provided in section 1333.02 of the Revised Code, is liable to the holder thereof for the face value thereof, and upon presentation thereof in lots aggregating in money value not less than five cents in each lot, shall redeem them either in goods, wares, merchandise, or money at the value printed on the face thereof, at the option of the holder thereof.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .