1333.27 Civil action for unpaid charges.

Nothing in sections 1333.22 to 1333.28 of the Revised Code prohibits any person from commencing a civil action to collect unpaid charges for services, labor, or storage described in section 1333.22 or 1333.23 of the Revised Code from the owner of any garment, clothing, wearing apparel, or household goods who is responsible for the unpaid charges, except that the proceeds of any sale conducted pursuant to sections 1333.22 to 1333.25 of the Revised Code, after deduction of the notification costs described in those sections, shall be credited against the unpaid charges. If a sale of that type is conducted prior to entry of a judgment in a civil action of that type, the court shall enter a judgment only for the balance of the unpaid charges after crediting the proceeds of the sale in the manner described in this section.

Effective Date: 07-22-1994 .