1337.10 Fees of recorder - microfilm process.

The county recorder shall charge the same fee for the recording of a power of attorney authorizing the transfer of personal property or the transaction of business relating to the transfer of personal property, the indexing of that instrument, and for making a certified copy of the record of the instrument, that the recorder is allowed by section 317.32 of the Revised Code to charge for similar services in regard to other instruments.

In a county in which the county recorder has determined to use the microfilm process as provided by section 9.01 of the Revised Code, the recorder may require that all cancellations, releases, or other actions affecting recorded powers of attorney be by separate instrument, signed and acknowledged as provided by section 5301.01 of the Revised Code. The original instrument bearing the proper endorsement may be used as that separate instrument. Any cancellations, releases, or other actions described in this section shall be recorded in the books in which the powers of attorney were recorded. The fee for recordation shall be as set forth in this section.

Effective Date: 02-01-2002 .