1345.46 Buyer to deliver goods or evidence of membership to seller after cancellation.

Within twenty days after a prepaid entertainment contract has been canceled pursuant to sections 1345.41 to 1345.50 of the Revised Code, the buyer upon demand must deliver to the seller any evidence of membership or other goods provided to the buyer by the seller pursuant to the contract. The buyer may deliver evidence of membership or other goods provided under the contract by certified mail, manual delivery, or other personal delivery. The goods shall not be diminished in quantity nor subjected to unreasonable wear or use. If the seller fails to demand possession of the goods within twenty days of the buyer's notice of cancellation, the goods become the property of the buyer without obligation to pay for them. The buyer has the duty to take reasonable care of the goods in his possession before cancellation and twenty days thereafter, during which time the goods are otherwise at the seller's risk.

Effective Date: 07-26-1984 .