1345.63 Conspicuous and legible cover sheet with notice.

(A) Every contract for invention development services shall have a conspicuous and legible cover sheet attached to it with the following notice to the customer imprinted on the cover sheet in boldface type of not less than ten-point size, or in capital letters of a size not less than that used in a standard office typewriter:

"The purchase of invention development services is a high risk expenditure. The performance of the services detailed in the contract provides no guarantee or promise of profits, or that your invention or idea will be purchased by a manufacturer. Only a very small percentage of inventions have a chance at receiving profits. An invention developer can assist you in your efforts."

(B) The cover sheet notice shall contain the name, home office address, and local office address of the invention developer.

(C) The cover sheet notice shall contain the items required by divisions (A) and (B) of this section and shall not contain anything except those items.

Effective Date: 03-28-1985 .