1347.99 Penalty.

(A) No public official, public employee, or other person who maintains, or is employed by a person who maintains, a personal information system for a state or local agency shall purposely refuse to comply with division (E), (F), (G), or (H) of section 1347.05, section 1347.071, division (A), (B), or (C) of section 1347.08, or division (A) or (C) of section 1347.09 of the Revised Code. Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor.

(B) Whoever violates division (H)(1) or (2) of section 1347.15 of the Revised Code is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.

Effective Date: 01-23-1981; 2008 HB648 04-07-2009 .