135.10 Application for active deposits.

Each eligible institution desiring to be a public depository of the active deposits of the public moneys of the state or of a subdivision shall, not more than thirty days prior to the date fixed by section 135.12 of the Revised Code for the designation of such public depositories, make application therefor in writing to the proper governing board. If desired, such application may specify the maximum amount of such public moneys which the applicant desires to receive and have on deposit at any one time during the period covered by the designation. Each application shall be accompanied by a financial statement of the applicant, under oath of its cashier, treasurer, or other officer, in such detail as to show the capital funds of the applicant, as of the date of its latest report to the superintendent of banks or comptroller of the currency, and adjusted to show any changes therein prior to the date of the application. Such application may be combined with an application for designation as a public depository of inactive deposits, interim deposits, or both.

Effective Date: 06-11-1968.