139.04 Each project submitted separately - per cent necessary for adoption.

When the question of issuing the bonds provided for by section 139.02 of the Revised Code is submitted to the electors, more than one project may be included in the legislation determining to submit such question; provided that on the ballot submitting to the electors the question of the issuance of such bonds, the question of the issuance of bonds for each individual project shall be submitted as a separate question, and each such ballot shall be substantially in the form set forth in division (F) of section 133.18 of the Revised Code, and each project for which the bonds are to be issued shall be described. The legislation submitting such question to the electors shall require but one reading and shall go into immediate effect upon passage without publication.

If sixty-five per cent of the electors voting on the question of such bonds vote in favor thereof, the taxing authority may issue such bonds in accordance with sections 139.01 to 139.04 and Chapter 133. of the Revised Code, and the debt service levies for such bonds shall be outside all tax limitations. If the question of issuing any such bonds is submitted to the electors of any school district where the proceeds of the bonds are to be used for the replacement or improvement of or the addition to school buildings which have been destroyed or condemned by constituted authority, or which are partially constructed or so constructed or planned as to require additions thereto before being completed, such bond issue shall require only the affirmative vote of sixty-five per cent of those voting upon the proposition.

Effective Date: 10-30-1989.