140.051 Contracts regarding certain hospital facilities exempt from competitive bidding.

If the costs of the hospital facilities are to be paid with funds derived from revenue obligations issued pursuant to section 140.06 of the Revised Code and with other funds derived from the nonprofit hospital agency, a public hospital agency, pursuant to negotiation and in the manner determined in its sole discretion by the governing body of the public hospital agency, may enter into a contract for the acquisition, construction, improvement, equipment, or furnishing of a hospital facility that is to be leased pursuant to section 140.05 of the Revised Code by a public hospital agency to a nonprofit hospital agency. Any requirement of competitive bidding, other restriction, or other procedures that are imposed on a public hospital agency with respect to contracts is not applicable to any contract entered into pursuant to this section.

A hospital facility is not exempt from applicable zoning, planning, and building regulations by reason of being financed from the proceeds of obligations issued pursuant to this chapter.

Effective Date: 04-29-2005.