141.16 Compensation of retired judges assigned to active duty.

Any voluntarily retired judge, or any judge who is retired under Section 6 of Article IV, Ohio Constitution, may be assigned with his consent, by the chief justice or acting chief justice of the supreme court, to active duty as a judge. While so serving, he shall be paid, from money appropriated for this purpose, the established compensation for such office, computed on a per diem basis, in addition to any retirement benefits to which he may be entitled.

Annually, on the first day of August, the administrative director of the Ohio courts shall issue a billing to the county treasurer of any county to which such a judge is assigned for reimbursement of the county's portion of the compensation previously paid by the state for the twelve-month period preceding the last day of June. The county's portion of the compensation shall be that part of each per diem paid by the state which is proportional to the county's share of the total compensation of a resident judge of such court. The county treasurer shall forward the payment within thirty days.

Effective Date: 07-01-1985