145.564 Payroll deduction of membership dues and fees of retiree organizations.

Any person receiving from the public employees retirement system an allowance, annuity, pension, or benefit may authorize the system to make deductions therefrom for the payment of dues and other membership fees to any retirement association or other organization composed primarily of retired public employees or retired public employees and their spouses if the association or organization adopts a resolution approving payment by that method and not fewer than five hundred persons receiving allowances, annuities, pensions, or benefits from the system initially authorize the deduction for payment to the same association or organization. The authorization shall be in writing and signed by the person giving it. The system shall make the deductions authorized and pay to the association or organization the amounts deducted, until the authorization is revoked in writing by the person. The system may charge the association or organization an amount not exceeding the actual costs incurred by the system in making the deductions. The system shall adopt rules establishing the method of collecting the amount charged, if any.

Effective Date: 03-17-2001.