146.12 Benefits.

Benefits shall be paid from the volunteer fire fighters' dependents fund to or on behalf of the following persons:

(A) To the surviving spouse of a volunteer firefighter killed while discharging the duties of a volunteer firefighter or who dies from exposure or injury received while in the discharge of those duties, a lump sum award of one thousand dollars, and, in addition, the sum of three hundred dollars per month;

(B) To the parent, guardian, or other persons upon whom a child of a volunteer firefighter is dependent for chief support, the sum of one hundred twenty-five dollars per month for each dependent child under eighteen years of age, or under twenty-three years of age if the child is attending a post-secondary educational institution and is completing a program of instruction each school year that satisfies the equivalent of at least two-thirds of the full-time curriculum requirements of the institution.

(C) To a volunteer firefighter, totally and permanently disabled while discharging the duties of a volunteer firefighter, the sum of three hundred dollars per month. No payment shall be made to a volunteer firefighter under full salary during the time of the volunteer firefighter's disability.

Effective Date: 03-19-2003.