149.17 Highway maps of Ohio.

Highway maps shall be published by the state and shall be officially designated as "Highway Maps of Ohio." The director of transportation may designate the improved roads by color, and revise such maps from time to time as the improvement of the roads may justify.

The director shall secure a copyright of the maps from time to time when so published. The director may distribute the first edition of these maps, which has been published as a bulletin of the department of transportation, as follows: to each county commissioner, county auditor, and county engineer, one copy; to the director for distribution among those who gratuitously helped in preparing maps, one hundred fifty copies; for distribution among the several state departments, three hundred copies; to the state library, one hundred copies; to each newspaper correspondent of the general assembly, one copy; to the clerk of the senate and to the clerk and the chief administrative officer of the house of representatives, one copy each; to each sergeant at arms of the senate and of the house of representatives, one copy; the remaining copies to be equally divided among the members of the general assembly.

Effective Date: 03-09-1999.