1501.021 Expending funds for planning and engineering studies.

The director of natural resources may spend out of any funds appropriated to the department of natural resources for studies, planning, or engineering, such moneys as are necessary for the preparation of studies or plans for any state park or proposed state park in connection with which any lands or interests therein or public service facilities, or both, are to be acquired, constructed, enlarged, equipped, furnished, or improved from the proceeds of state park revenue bonds, and said director may use the engineers, assistants, and other employees of his department, and may employ consulting engineers for such purpose. All expenses so incurred by the director prior to the issuance of the state park revenue bonds shall be paid by the director and charged to the state park or the proposed state park involved, and the director shall keep proper records and accounts showing the amounts so charged. Upon the sale of the state park revenue bonds for such state park or proposed state park, the funds so expended by the director in connection therewith shall be reimbursed to the department from the proceeds of such bonds.

Effective Date: 10-10-1963.