1501.21 Canoe and boating routes - markers.

The director of natural resources, in cooperation with any federal agency, any other state, any state agency or political subdivision of this state, any private organization, or any individual, may designate, and when feasible mark, canoe and boating routes on the waters in this state that have historic or scenic value.

The director may expend funds and make grants to erect and maintain markers that designate public facilities, points of interest, portages, and all dams, rapids, waterfalls, whirlpools, and other hazards to canoeists and boaters.

The director may publish and distribute or authorize the publication and distribution of maps of and guides to the designated historic or scenic canoe and boating routes, as well as pamphlets containing any other interpretative literature on the routes that the director considers advisable.

Effective Date: 02-11-1988.