1503.06 State forest nursery.

The chief of the division of forestry may acquire suitable land in the name of the state and maintain it as a state forest nursery. He shall raise seedling trees of useful species for planting and, on terms approved by the director of natural resources, shall distribute the seedling trees to persons who desire to plant them within the state for conservation purposes, including general reforestation, wildlife habitat development, windbreaks, energy conservation, natural community restoration, soil and water protection, research, commemorative plantings, and any other purpose relating to conservation and natural resources education. No seedling trees distributed under this section subsequently shall be removed alive with roots attached and sold, bartered, or given away, except that products such as Christmas trees, roundwood, or other materials derived from seedling trees distributed under this section may be sold or removed.

The chief may conduct activities for the improvement of seedlings of forest tree species. In distributing seedling trees under this section, he shall reserve sufficient seedling trees to reforest wastelands coming into the possession of the state and placed under the supervision of the division.

Effective Date: 10-20-1994.