1506.48 Reappraising real property damaged or destroyed by shore erosion.

Upon application of any owner of real property damaged or destroyed by shore erosion, the county auditor of the county in which the real property is situated shall cause a reappraisal to be made and shall place the property on the tax list at its true value in money.

Whenever the county auditor finds that ninety per cent or more of the area of any littoral parcel of land appearing upon the tax duplicate has been eroded and lies within the natural boundaries of Lake Erie and that the remainder of the parcel, if any, has no taxable value, the auditor may certify that finding to the county board of revision. Upon consideration thereof, the board may authorize removal of the parcel from the tax duplicate and cancellation of all current and delinquent taxes, assessments, interest, and penalties charged against the parcel.

Effective Date: 2007 HB119 09-29-2007.