1510.06 Establishing marketing program.

(A) When the independent producers who vote in a referendum held under section 1510.05 of the Revised Code favor a proposed marketing program, the technical advisory council shall order the program established. The council shall appoint an operating committee consisting of seven members. Six of the members shall be independent producers. The council shall select those members from lists of names submitted by qualified independent producer associations. Each member who is an independent producer shall be at least twenty-five years old, be a resident of this state, and have at least five years of active experience in the oil and natural gas industry.

The seventh member shall be a member of an organization that represents farmers. The council shall select that member from a list submitted by such an organization.

Of the initial appointments, the council shall appoint two members for terms of one year, two members for terms of two years, and three members for terms of three years. Thereafter, the council shall appoint each member for a three-year term unless the appointee is to fill a vacancy, in which case the appointee shall be appointed for the unexpired term. Each such subsequent appointment shall be made prior to the expiration date of the preceding or vacant term. The council shall not appoint any member of an operating committee to serve more than three successive full three-year terms.

(B) Each member of an operating committee is entitled to actual and necessary travel and incidental expenses while attending meetings of the committee or while engaged in the performance of official responsibilities delegated to the committee.

(C) No person is liable in a civil action for any actions taken in good faith as a member of an operating committee.

Effective Date: 12-18-1997

Related Legislative Provision: See 129th General AssemblyFile No.39, SB 171, §4