1515.19 Approval - date for completion of plans - certification to commissioners.

At the conclusion of the hearing on a proposed improvement, the supervisors of a soil and water conservation district may approve the petition for the improvement if they are reasonably certain that the cost of the proposed improvement will be less than the benefits from it and if they find that the improvement is necessary, that it will be conducive to the public welfare, that it will improve water management and development in the county in which the district is located to the advantage of lands located in it, and that it will aid lands in the area by promoting the economical, industrial, environmental, or social development of the area.

Upon approval of the petition, the supervisors shall establish a date by which the supervisors must complete, in accordance with sections 1515.191 to 1515.193 of the Revised Code, plans and specifications for the improvement together with estimates of damages from and costs for it. The date established shall allow as much time as is necessary for the preparation of the plans, specifications, and estimates. The supervisors may extend the completion date if necessary. Upon completion of the plans, specifications, and estimates, the supervisors shall do both of the following:

(A) Determine the area that would be benefited by the proposed improvement and certify the determination together with the supervisors' approval of the improvement to the board of county commissioners of each county containing land included in the benefited area;

(B) Submit the plans, specifications, and estimates together with the preliminary report to each such board.

Transferred by 131st General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 64, §101.01, eff. 1/1/2016.

Effective Date: 04-15-2005 .