1517.07 Notice of proposed action - public hearing.

Before the department of natural resources makes any finding of the existence of an imperative and unavoidable public necessity, or grants any estate, interest, or right in a nature preserve or disposes of a nature preserve or of any estate, interest, or right therein as provided in section 1517.06 of the Revised Code, it shall give notice of the proposed action and an opportunity for any person to be heard at a public hearing in the county in which the preserve is located. In the event the preserve is located in more than one county, the public hearing shall be held in the most populous county. The notice shall be published at least once in a newspaper with a general circulation in the county in which the nature preserve is located. The notice shall set forth the substance of the proposed action and describe, with or without legal description, the nature preserve affected, and shall specify a place and time not less than thirty days after the publication for a public hearing before the department on the proposed action. All persons desiring to be heard shall have a reasonable opportunity to be heard prior to action by the department on the proposal.

Effective Date: 06-06-2003.