152.27 Selling obligations to state insurance fund of bureau of workers' compensation.

Unless otherwise determined by the Ohio building authority, obligations issued pursuant to section 152.23 of the Revised Code shall be sold to the state insurance fund of the bureau of workers' compensation. If so determined by the authority, the administrator of workers' compensation shall purchase those obligations by investing the amount necessary from the surplus or reserve in that state insurance fund. Notwithstanding other provisions of this chapter, obligations sold to the state insurance fund shall be sold at par. Bonds or notes with maturities not greater than two years shall bear interest at a rate equal to the greater of five and one-half per cent per annum or a rate equal to two percentage points above the yield on United States treasury obligations of the same term issued during the month immediately preceding the month in which such obligations are dated. Obligations with maturities greater than two years shall bear interest at a variable rate or rates, changing from time to time, but for periods not in excess of two years. Interest shall be calculated as provided in the formula set forth in this section.

Effective Date: 03-07-1997.