152.31 Sharing construction and operation of capital facilities by state and other governmental entities.

The Ohio building authority may construct and operate capital facilities for the housing of branches and agencies of state government, municipal corporations, counties, or other governmental entities, in any municipal corporation when the municipal corporation and the authority agree on a location and all of the following occur:

(A) Two or more of such agencies or governmental entities submit to the authority an application requesting the authority to construct and operate capital facilities and expressing their intent to become the initial tenants of the capital facilities and to thereby occupy all of its available office space;

(B) Any municipal corporation, county, township, or other governmental entities joining in the submission of an application pursuant to division (A) of this section further submits a lease committing it to occupy, for a period equal to the greater of twenty consecutive years from the date of initial occupancy or the term of any bonds issued by the authority for the capital facilities, the capital facilities that, through the application, it expressed its intent to initially occupy, and obligating it to pay such rent as the authority determines to be appropriate. Notwithstanding any other section of the Revised Code, any governmental entity may enter into such a lease and any such lease is legally sufficient to obligate the governmental entity for the term stated therein. Any such lease shall constitute an agreement described in division (E) of section 152.24 of the Revised Code.

If rental payments required by a lease established pursuant to this division are not paid in accordance with the provision of such a lease, the funds which would otherwise be apportioned to the lessees from the county undivided local government fund, pursuant to sections 5747.51 to 5747.53 of the Revised Code, shall be reduced by the amount of rent payable to the authority. The county treasurer shall immediately pay the amount of such reductions to the authority.

All rents charged by the authority for occupancy of such a capital facility shall be fixed and expended pursuant to section 152.16 of the Revised Code. Any lease with the department of administrative services with respect to such a capital facility may provide for rental payments that satisfy the requirements of section 152.16 of the Revised Code, but the amount of any rentals paid by other tenants in the capital facility pursuant to leases with the authority shall be credited against such rental payments of the department of administrative services. Any lease with the department of administrative services or a using state agency may provide for the payment of rental payments that satisfy the requirements of section 152.16 of the Revised Code prior to initial occupancy of such capital facility. In the process of inviting bids and awarding contracts, the authority shall be guided by the procedures set forth in sections 153.01 to 153.20 of the Revised Code. Any provision of sections 152.21, 152.22, and 152.26 of the Revised Code that applies to capital facilities described in section 152.19 of the Revised Code also applies to the capital facilities described in this section unless it is inconsistent with this section.

Effective Date: 09-17-1996.