152.32 Issuing revenue obligations for construction of capital facilities.

Pursuant to section 2i of Article VIII, Ohio Constitution, the Ohio building authority may issue revenue obligations to provide funds for the construction of capital facilities pursuant to section 152.31 of the Revised Code. The owners or holders of such obligations have no right to have the general assembly levy excises or taxes for the payment of principal or interest upon such obligations, and any such obligations shall not be deemed to be debts or bonded indebtedness of the state under other provisions of the Ohio Constitution. Such obligations may be secured by all of the revenues or receipts of the authority or by such portion thereof as the authority may provide. The provisions of sections 152.09 to 152.28 of the Revised Code shall apply to obligations issued by the authority under this section unless such provisions are inconsistent with this section or section 152.31 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 09-17-1996.