153.31 Plans and estimates for construction - construction project manager or consultants.

When it becomes necessary for the board of county commissioners of a county to erect or cause to be erected a public building, or a substructure for a bridge, or an addition to or alteration thereof, before entering into any contract therefor or repair thereof or for the supply of any materials therefor, they shall cause to be made by a registered architect or registered professional engineer the following:

(A) Full and accurate plans showing all necessary details of the work and materials required, with working plans suitable for the use of mechanics or other builders in the construction thereof, drawn so as to be easily understood;

(B) Accurate bills, showing the exact amount of the different kinds of material, necessary for the construction, to accompany the plans;

(C) Full and complete specifications of the work to be performed showing the manner and style required to be done, with such directions as will enable a competent builder to carry them out, and which will afford to bidders all needful information;

(D) A full and accurate estimate of each item of expense, and of the aggregate cost thereof.

In connection with the planning and construction of any public building project, the board may employ a construction project manager or consultants, and fix their compensation. Such construction project manager or consultants shall be expert and qualified in their respective fields. The cost of such services may be paid from the proceeds of bonds and notes issued to pay the cost of such project.

This section does not prevent the board from receiving from bidders on iron or reinforced concrete substructures for bridges the necessary plans and specifications therefor.

Effective Date: 10-24-1975.