153.39 Approval of plans for children's home.

If the plans, drawings, representations, bills of material, specifications of work, and estimates relate to the building of a children's home, they shall be submitted to the board of county commissioners and three citizens of the county, to be appointed by a resident judge of the court of common pleas, or a judge residing in the same subdivision of the judicial district. If approved by a majority of them, a copy thereof shall be deposited with the county auditor and kept by the auditor for the inspection of interested parties. Before such plans are adopted, they shall be submitted to the department of job and family services for suggestions and criticism. The boards of counties composing a district for the purpose of establishing a district children's home, in letting contracts for the necessary buildings or the repair or alteration thereof, shall be governed by the law relating to letting contracts for erecting, repairing, or altering other public buildings.

Effective Date: 07-01-2000.