1533.18 Recreational user definitions.

As used in sections 1533.18 and 1533.181 of the Revised Code:

(A) "Premises" means all privately owned lands, ways, and waters, and any buildings and structures thereon, and all privately owned and state-owned lands, ways, and waters leased to a private person, firm, or organization, including any buildings and structures thereon.

(B) "Recreational user" means a person to whom permission has been granted, without the payment of a fee or consideration to the owner, lessee, or occupant of premises, other than a fee or consideration paid to the state or any agency of the state, or a lease payment or fee paid to the owner of privately owned lands, to enter upon premises to hunt, fish, trap, camp, hike, or swim, or to operate a snowmobile, all-purpose vehicle, or four-wheel drive motor vehicle, or to engage in other recreational pursuits.

(C) "All-purpose vehicle" has the same meaning as in section 4519.01 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 04-09-2003; 04-07-2005; 2007 HB67 07-03-2007.