1533.24 Fur dealer's daily record - forms - carrier restrictions.

Except as otherwise provided by division rule, every fur dealer shall keep a daily record on forms provided by the division of wildlife of all purchases and sales of furs, skins, or parts thereof of fur-bearing animals made during the previous year. The daily record shall include any pertinent information that the division may require. The information may include, but not be limited to, the number and kinds bought and sold, the dates of each purchase and sale, identification of all purchases from another fur dealer, and the state and counties in which the furs, skins, or parts thereof were taken. Every fur dealer shall submit completed forms to the division of all transactions made during the preceding season by the fifteenth day of May each year. All records required to be maintained by a fur dealer shall be open at all reasonable times to inspection by duly authorized division personnel who may inspect the furs, skins, or parts thereof on hand at any time and check and verify the records and reports required to be kept.

No common carrier shall knowingly ship or transport or receive for transportation or shipment any green or dried furs, skins, or parts thereof of fur-bearing animals unless there is plainly written thereon the name of the shipper and the number of the shipper's hunting license or fur dealer's permit.

Effective Date: 03-18-1999.