1533.33 Fishing license fees.

All moneys derived from fishing licenses issued pursuant to section 1533.32 of the Revised Code shall be appropriated exclusively for the use of the department of natural resources for the following purposes:

(A) For the purchase, protection, propagation, preservation, and stocking of fish;

(B) For the construction of fish chutes and dams;

(C) For the securing of more public fishing waters including leasing, purchasing, or otherwise acquiring stream banks, bottoms, and marginal strips, headwaters and other lakes, ponds, quarries, gravel pits, and other suitable public fishing grounds with marginal strips as provided in section 1531.06 of the Revised Code;

(D) For the improvement of streams, lakes, and ponds, including food, cover, breeding conditions, erosion, and reforestation;

(E) For the cooperation with other agencies as provided in section 1501.02 of the Revised Code, to assist in stabilizing water levels and in controlling ditching, dredging, straightening, debrushing, the removal of aquatic vegetation in streams, and to assist in other proper land and water use problems to control stream, lake, and pond turbidities;

(F) For other practical fish management work including biological investigations and printing the summarized fishing laws, the fish and game lawbook, conservation bulletins, and practical fish management leaflets, pamphlets, and books;

(G) For promoting educational and research activities, other methods of fish propagation and fish culture, and other proper conservation activities;

(H) For use as provided in sections 1531.05, 1531.12, 1531.13, 1531.27, 1531.28, and 1533.67 of the Revised Code.

No funds derived from fishing licenses shall be spent for other than fishing purposes as defined in this section. Not more than twenty-five per cent of such moneys shall be used for the payment of administration or other overhead expenses of the division of wildlife and the wildlife council, and the remaining seventy-five per cent shall be used exclusively for the purchase, protection, propagation, preservation, stocking of fish, and for the purposes listed in this section.

Effective Date: 12-19-1986.