1533.50 Carp apron use restrictions.

Except as otherwise provided by division rule, no person shall use a carp apron except in marshes, or in connecting ditches dug especially for the purpose of draining or filling a marsh with water, that border the Lake Erie fishing district or border a stream or river flowing into that district in Lucas, Sandusky, Ottawa, and Erie counties.

No person shall use a carp apron except to take carp, suckers, sheepshead, goldfish, bowfin, and gizzard shad. Any other species of fish caught in a carp apron shall be released immediately, in as good a condition as possible, while the fish are being removed from the apron.

No carp apron shall be more than one hundred feet in length nor more than seventy-five feet in depth. No less than three and one-half inches stretched mesh shall be used in the apron.

No person shall fail to comply with any provision of this section or division rule adopted pursuant to it.

Effective Date: 10-20-1994.