1533.81 Waterfowl hunting area permit required.

Every person who owns, holds, or controls land or water, within a state or federal waterfowl management area, shall obtain annually a permit from the chief of the division of wildlife prior to permitting the hunting or taking of waterfowl on that land or water. The annual permit entitles the permittee to possess or control blinds, pits, or similar legal devices of concealment on the lands and waters described in the application for a permit. This permit shall be designated as a "waterfowl hunting area permit" and shall be displayed openly at the address of the area indicated on the application for a permit. All such permits shall expire each year at midnight on the first day of February.

Qualifications and fees for the permit shall be prescribed and set by the chief of the division of wildlife, with the approval of the director of the department of natural resources, in accordance with Chapters 119. and 1531. of the Revised Code. The holders of such permits shall operate in conformity with Chapter 1531. of the Revised Code or under such additional rules as the chief of the division of wildlife may prescribe.

No person shall engage in the hunting of waterfowl on an area of land or water for which a waterfowl hunting area permit has been issued by the division of wildlife without the permission of the person designated on the permit as the owner or the person in control of the area.

The landowner and the children of the owner and persons residing on lands and waters within a waterfowl management area shall not be required to secure the permit required by this section while the landowner and his children are hunting on lands he owns and the other persons are hunting on lands on which they reside.

The holder of this permit shall daily record the name of each hunter and the number and kinds of waterfowl taken on the area on forms provided by the division. The records shall be available for inspection by an employee of the division at all reasonable times and shall be forwarded to the division within one week after the close of each waterfowl season or at more frequent times as may be requested by the chief. Falsifying or failure to submit accurate reports constitutes grounds for the chief to deny future permits.

Effective Date: 05-03-1990.