1533.86 Ohio ginseng management program definitions.

As used in sections 1533.86 to 1533.90 of the Revised Code:

(A) "Ginseng" means the plant Panax quinquefolius L., also known as Panax quinquefolium L., commonly known as American ginseng.

(B) "Wild ginseng" means ginseng that grows in an uncultivated state and in its natural habitat whether the plant occurs naturally from that habitat or was introduced or increased in abundance by sowing ginseng seed or transplanting ginseng plants from other areas and performing no other cultivation practices.

(C) "Cultivated ginseng" means ginseng that grows or has been grown in tilled beds under the shade of artificial structures or natural shade and is cultivated according to standard ginseng horticultural practices.

(D) "Harvest" means to cut, pick, dig, root up, gather, or otherwise collect ginseng.

(E) "Person" includes any legal entity defined as a person under section 6111.01 of the Revised Code and any political subdivision, instrumentality, or agency of another state.

(F) "Collector" means a person who harvests ginseng.

(G) "Grower" means a person who grows cultivated ginseng.

(H) "Dealer" means a person who buys or otherwise acquires or conveys ginseng for resale.

(I) "Buy" includes trade or barter.

(J) "Sell" includes trade or barter.

Effective Date: 03-18-1999; 04-06-2007.