1533.88 Rules.

The chief of the division of wildlife shall adopt rules under section 1531.10 of the Revised Code as necessary to carry out the purposes of sections 1533.86 to 1533.90 of the Revised Code, including, but not limited to:

(A) Establishing a harvest season for wild ginseng;

(B) Establishing a certification program for all legally harvested ginseng, including setting a certification fee;

(C) Establishing a buying season for ginseng that has not yet been certified in accordance with rules adopted under division (B) of this section;

(D) Establishing a registration permit system to authorize ginseng dealers to buy or otherwise acquire or convey ginseng for resale and export;

(E) Establishing a record system to be kept by collectors, dealers, and growers of ginseng;

(F) Developing educational materials about ginseng, ginseng regulation, and the Ohio ginseng management program.

Effective Date: 03-18-1999.