1545.38 Proceedings for dissolution of inactive district.

On receipt of written notice from the county auditor that no deposits to or expenditures from the funds of a park district have been made for a period of five years, the probate court shall immediately serve written notice on the board of park commissioners and the auditor of a date for hearing on the dissolution of the district. The notice shall also order the board to forward to the court a complete, current financial statement of the assets and liabilities of the district, an inventory of its real and personal property, available deeds to, maps or plats for, and other records of real property of the park district, and copies of any available plans of the district for park acquisition and development, or capital improvements. A copy of the notice shall be served on each party. The court shall publish notice of the hearing for five consecutive days in a daily newspaper of general circulation within the district, ending no less than fifteen days before the hearing. The issue of dissolution shall be heard and determined by the court in accordance with the applicable provisions of division (F) of section 1545.37 of the Revised Code. If the court finds for dissolution, it shall as applicable proceed in accordance with section 1545.40 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 09-06-1979.