1561.04 Annual report - public distribution quarterly reports.

The chief of the division of mineral resources management shall annually make a report to the governor, which shall include:

(A) A summary of the activities and of the reports of the deputy mine inspectors;

(B) A statement of the condition and the operation of the mines of the state;

(C) A statement of the number of accidents in and about the mines, the manner in which they occurred, and any other data and facts bearing upon the prevention of accidents and the preservation of life, health, and property, and any suggestions relative to the better preservation of the life, health, and property of those engaged in the mining industry.

The records of the bureau of workers' compensation shall be available to the chief for information concerning such a report. The chief shall send by mail to each coal operator in the state, to a duly designated representative of the miners at each mine, and to such other persons as the chief deems proper, a copy of such report. The chief may have as many copies of such report printed as are needed to make the distribution thereof as provided in this section.

The chief shall also prepare and publish for public distribution quarterly reports, including therein information relative to the items enumerated in this section that is pertinent or available at such times.

Effective Date: 06-14-2000