1561.32 Inspection of electrical installations.

The electrical inspectors shall examine surface and underground electrical installations at all mines for fire, shock, and explosion hazards, and for compliance with the electrical requirements of this chapter and Chapters 1563., 1565., and 1567. of the Revised Code, at least once each year. In gaseous mines such examinations shall be made of all underground installations at least once each six months. A written report of each examination shall be made to the owner, lessee, or agent of the mine, and to the chief of the division of mineral resources management, through the deputy mine inspector of the district in which the examination has been made. These inspection reports shall be handled in the same manner as are the reports of the deputy mine inspector.

No owner, lessee, agent, or operator of a mine shall purposely refuse or neglect to comply with this section.

Effective Date: 06-14-2000.