1561.51 Appeal to reclamation commission.

When written charges of neglect of duty, incompetency, or malfeasance in office against the deputy mine inspector are filed with the chief of the division of mineral resources management, signed by not less than fifteen employees, or otherwise as provided in section 1561.50 of the Revised Code, or the owner, lessee, or agent of a mine, and the signers of the charges are dissatisfied with the result of the investigation made by the chief, they may appeal to the reclamation commission by filing the same charges against the deputy mine inspector and a copy of the report of the investigation made by the chief in the matter with the commission, and the commission shall hear the appeal in accordance with section 1513.13 of the Revised Code. The commission shall mail a copy of its decision to the complainant whose name appears first in the charges.

Effective Date: 09-05-2001.