1563.20 Track in mines - minimum clearance.

For the protection of transportation workers, track shall be laid to provide a minimum clearance of fourteen inches on the side of the entry opposite the trolley or feed wire at all haulage turnouts and crossovers between butt entries, on gathering passageways, on room entries, and chutes between room entries, except that where brake handles are on the side of mine cars, the clearance shall be provided on the wire side of such entries as have the wire on the same side as the brake handles. The clearance specified in this section shall be measured horizontally between the topside of the widest mine car and the rib. This section does not apply to entries having been driven prior to September 2, 1941, or at any mine or section of a mine, where, in the opinion of the division of mineral resources management, the roof conditions are such as to require a width of entry not sufficient to provide the clearance set out in this section.

No operator of a mine shall refuse or neglect to comply with this section.

Effective Date: 06-14-2000.