1563.34 Operator program for improving roof control systems.

Each operator shall adopt an adequate program for improving roof control systems. This program shall include a roof control plan, provision for the training of miners, a history of all unintentional roof falls, and systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of the roof control system in use. Each operator shall adopt a roof control plan suitable to the roof conditions and the mining system for all underground roadways, travelways including escapeways, and working places of each mine. Roof control plans shall be filed with the chief of the division of mineral resources management. The chief shall notify the operator in writing of the approval of a proposed roof control plan. If revisions are required for approval, the changes required shall be specified and the operator shall be afforded an opportunity to discuss the revisions with the chief.

A roof control plan shall include the following information:

(A) Name and address of the company;

(B) Name and address of the mine;

(C) Names and addresses of the responsible officials;

(D) Area of the mine covered by the roof control plan;

(E) A columnar section of the mine strata that shall:

(1) Show the name and thickness of the coalbed and any persistent partings;

(2) Identify by type and show the thickness of each stratum (rock layer) up to and including the main roof over and for ten feet under the coalbed;

(3) Show the maximum cover over the mining area covered included in the roof control plan.

(F) A description of the sequence of mining and installation of supports including temporary supports. The description shall include:

(1) Drawings on eight and one-half by eleven inch paper or on paper folded to this size, showing the location of all roof, face, and rib supports for each method of mining employed at the mines. The scale shall be specified and not less than five feet to the inch nor more than twenty feet to the inch. A legend explaining all the symbols used shall also be included on the drawings.

(2) A list of all roof support materials employed in the roof control system including, where applicable, the name of the manufacturer and its designation for the item. Prior approval shall be obtained before making any changes in the materials listed.

No person shall refuse or neglect to comply with this section.

Effective Date: 06-14-2000.