1563.37 Operator to supply roof support materials - roof bolts - testing of danger areas.

(A) The operator, in accordance with the approved plan, shall provide at or near each working face and at such other locations in the coal mines as the chief of the division of mineral resources management may prescribe an ample supply of suitable materials of proper size with which to secure the roof of all working places in a safe manner. Safety posts, jacks, or other approved devices shall be used to protect the workers when roof material is being taken down, crossbars are being installed, roof bolt holes are being drilled, roof bolts are being installed, and in such other circumstances as may be appropriate. Loose roof and overhanging or loose faces and ribs shall be taken down or supported. Except in the case of recovery work, supports knocked out shall be replaced promptly.

(B) The operator shall have an adequate supply of roof support material (including temporary supports) as specified in the approved roof control plan for the type of mining being conducted as close as practical to the working face, but not farther away than the first open crosscut outby the working face unless storing of such supplies in this area poses a hazard to the miner. In such cases supplies shall be stored at an alternate location approved by an authorized representative of the chief. Where mining equipment such as roof drilling machines or timbering machines are required to install the supports, such support material may be transported from place to place on the equipment. An adequate supply shall be defined as sufficient material including temporary supports, to support roof exposed by one complete cycle of mining. An additional supply of supplementary roof support materials, such as posts, jacks, crossbars, or different length roof bolts, shall be located within fifty feet of each working section in the event adverse roof conditions, such as water coming from the roof, slips, washouts, wants, or roof cracks, are encountered.

(C) When installation of roof bolts is permitted, such roof bolts shall be tested in accordance with the approved roof control plan.

(D) The criteria that may be required in the roof control plan for testing installed roof bolts are set forth in divisions (A)(2)(c)(ii) and (iii) of section 1563.35 of the Revised Code.

(E) Roof bolts shall not be recovered where complete extractions of pillars are attempted, where adjacent to clay veins, or at the locations of other irregularities, whether natural or otherwise, that induce abnormal hazards. Where roof bolts recovery is permitted, it may be conducted only in accordance with methods prescribed in the approved roof control plan, and it shall be conducted by experienced miners, but only where adequate temporary support is provided.

(F) To assure that miners are protected during roof bolt recovery work, the operator shall conform with criteria set forth in division (H) of section 1563.35 of the Revised Code.

(G) Where miners are exposed to danger from falls of roof, face, and ribs, the operator shall examine and test the roof, face, and ribs before any work or machine is started, and as frequently thereafter as may be necessary to insure safety. When dangerous conditions are found, they shall be corrected immediately.

(H) No person shall refuse or neglect to comply with this section.

Effective Date: 06-14-2000.