1567.04 Machine runners and helpers.

Machine runners and helpers shall use care while operating mining machines. They shall warn persons not engaged in the operation of a machine of the danger in going near the machine while it is in operation, and shall not permit such persons to remain near it while such machine is in operation. They shall examine the roof of the working place and see that it is safe before starting to operate the machine. When connecting the power cable to the electric wires, the machine runners and helpers shall make the negative or grounded connections before connecting to the positive, and when disconnecting the power cable, shall disconnect from the positive line before disconnecting the negative or grounded line. When positive feed wires extend into rooms, the machine runners and helpers shall connect such wires to the positive wire on the entry before connecting the power cable, and as soon as the power cable is disconnected, shall disconnect such wire from the wire on the entry. They shall use care that the cable does not make contact with metallic rails on the track, and shall avoid, where possible, leaving the cable in water. If they remove props which have been placed by the miner for the security of the roof, they shall reset such props as promptly as possible.

No person shall refuse or neglect to comply with this section.

Effective Date: 10-29-1995.