1567.75 Cutting and welding.

(A) Prior to cutting and welding being performed on a longwall working section, methane gas examinations shall be made by a certified foreman or a person qualified to make the examinations designated by a certified foreman. No person shall perform cutting and welding when the methane gas concentration is one per cent or more. A certified foreman or person qualified to make examinations for gas shall be continuously present during all cutting and welding operations.

(B) Prior to cutting or welding on a longwall working face conveyor, and unless otherwise allowed as part of the plan approved under section 1567.69 of the Revised Code due to specific conditions in the mine or procedures to be followed, a certified foreman or fire boss shall have open bottom face conveyors jacked up, blocked, and properly secured off the bottom a distance of at least ten feet along the face on both sides where the cutting is to be performed and shall have methane examinations made before cutting and welding is initiated on the face conveyors.

(C) When cutting and welding operations have been completed, a diligent search for fires and hot spots shall be conducted. The person responsible for performing the cutting and welding operation may be designated to conduct this search as part of the cutting and welding operation. If fires or hot spots are found, they shall be extinguished immediately.

Effective Date: 10-29-1995.