1567.78 Maintaining accessible tailgate travel route.

An operator shall maintain an accessible travel route at all times off the tailgate end of the longwall working face unless the operator develops and the chief of the division of mineral resources management approves a plan to continue operation of the longwall working section in the event the tailgate route becomes impassable. Such a plan shall include necessary provisions to be taken to provide additional protective devices for longwall working section personnel.

When the tailgate travel route becomes impassable, the operator shall cease the longwall mining operation immediately, familiarize all persons working on the longwall working section with the procedures to follow for escape from the section, and implement immediately the plan approved by the division of mineral resources management before recommencing mining.

The operator shall immediately notify the division when the accessible travel route becomes impassable and the approved plan has been implemented.

The division's representative shall immediately, upon notification, establish a scheduled meeting with the operator and representatives of the miners at the mine.

Effective Date: 06-14-2000.