159.04 Exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction over land acquired by United States - retrocession.

(A) Exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction in and over any land acquired by the United States under section 159.03 of the Revised Code is hereby ceded to the United States. The jurisdiction so ceded shall continue no longer than the said United States owns or holds legal interest in such lands.

(B) The governor may accept, on behalf of the state, retrocession of full or partial jurisdiction over any roads, highways, or other lands in federal enclaves where the appropriate federal authority offers the retrocession. The governor shall deliver the documents executed by the federal authority and the governor concurring in the retrocession, for recording, to the office of the recorder of the county in which the lands are located.

(C) The granting of exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction to the United States pursuant to division (A) of this section shall take effect only upon the granting of either form of jurisdiction by the governor to the United States and the acceptance of either form of jurisdiction by the United States.

(D) Nothing in this section is intended to modify, revoke, or in any way affect any prior grant of jurisdiction by the state to the United States that was made prior to the effective date of this amendment.

Effective Date: 08-03-1999.