159.05 Jurisdiction shall vest.

The jurisdiction ceded under section 159.04 of the Revised Code shall not vest until the United States has acquired title to the lands by purchase, condemnation, or otherwise. As long as the lands whose acquisition is consented to by section 159.03 of the Revised Code remain the property of the United States they are exempt and exonerated from all state, county, and municipal taxation, assessment, or other charges which may be levied or imposed under the authority of this state. Sections 159.03 to 159.06 of the Revised Code do not prevent any officers, employees, or inmates of any national asylum for disabled volunteer soldiers located on any such land over which jurisdiction is ceded, who are qualified voters of this state from exercising the right of suffrage at all township, county, and state elections in any township in which such national asylum is located.

Effective Date: 03-14-1980.