163.62 Reimbursement of reasonable costs, disbursements, and expenses.

(A) The court having jurisdiction of a proceeding instituted by a state agency to acquire real property by condemnation shall award the owner of any right, or title to, or interest in, such real property such sum as will in the opinion of the court reimburse such owner for the owner's reasonable costs, disbursements, and expenses, including reasonable attorney, appraisal, and engineering fees actually incurred because of the condemnation proceeding, as provided in division (G) of section 163.09 or division (A) or (C) of section 163.21 of the Revised Code, as applicable.

(B) Any award made pursuant to division (A) of this section shall be paid by the head of the agency for whose benefit the condemnation proceeding was instituted.

Effective Date: 06-11-1971; 2007 SB7 10-10-2007.