1704.02 Prohibiting certain transactions during three-year period.

An issuing public corporation shall not engage in a Chapter 1704. transaction for three years after an interested shareholder's share acquisition date unless either of the following applies:

(A) Prior to the interested shareholder's share acquisition date, the directors of the issuing public corporation have approved, for the purposes of this chapter, the Chapter 1704. transaction or the purchase of shares by the interested shareholder on the interested shareholder's share acquisition date;

(B) Any of the provisions of section 1704.05 of the Revised Code makes this chapter inapplicable, except that if the Chapter 1704. transaction is of a type described in section 1701.76, 1701.78, 1701.79, 1701.80, 1701.801, 1701.802, or 1701.86 of the Revised Code, there also must be compliance with the provisions of that section.

Effective Date: 04-11-1990; 10-12-2006 .