1705.07 Acceptance of articles of organization and other certificates - filing not constructive notice of contents.

(A) If articles of organization or other certificates relating to a limited liability company are submitted to the secretary of state and the secretary of state finds that they comply with this chapter, the secretary of state shall accept the articles or other certificates for filing and shall make a copy of the articles or other certificates for the secretary of state's records by microfilm or by any authorized photostatic or digitized process. Evidence of the filing shall be returned to the person who filed it.

(B) The secretary of state is not required to file any document that relates to a limited liability company except documents required to be filed under this chapter. The duties imposed upon the secretary of state by this chapter are ministerial. The secretary of state shall not make any determination regarding the legal sufficiency of any document that is presented for filing under this chapter, and that appears on its face to be legally sufficient.

(C) No person dealing with a limited liability company is charged with constructive notice of the contents of any document by reason of its filing with the secretary of state.

Effective Date: 07-29-1998 .