1705.14 Person becomes member of company - admission of additional members.

(A) A person becomes a member at the time that a limited liability company is formed or at any later time that is specified in the records of the company for becoming a member.

(B) After the filing of the articles of organization of a limited liability company, a person may be admitted as an additional member in either of the following ways:

(1) If he acquires an interest directly from the limited liability company, upon compliance with the operating agreement or, if the operating agreement does not so provide, upon the written consent of all of the members;

(2) If he is an assignee of the interest of a member who has the power as provided in writing in the operating agreement to grant the assignee the right to become a member, upon the exercise of that power and compliance with any conditions limiting the grant or exercise of the power.

Effective Date: 07-01-1994 .