1705.57 Cancellation of registration.

A foreign limited liability company may cancel its registration to transact business in this state by filing with the secretary of state a certificate of cancellation that shall be on a form that is prescribed by the secretary of state and signed by an authorized representative of the company, and that sets forth all of the following:

(A) The name under which the company is registered in this state and, if different, the name under which it is registered or organized in the state of its organization;

(B) A statement that the company is not transacting business in this state;

(C) A statement whether the authority of its statutory agent in this state to accept service of process, notices, and demands is revoked and, if it is revoked, an address to which a person may mail a copy of any process, notice, or demand against the company and a commitment to notify the secretary of state in the future of any change in that mailing address.

Effective Date: 07-01-1994 .