1711.01 County agricultural societies.

When thirty or more persons who are residents of the same county organize themselves into a county agricultural society which adopts a constitution and bylaws, selects officers, and otherwise conducts its affairs in conformity to law, and to the rules of the department of agriculture, and when such society has held an annual exhibition in accordance with sections 1711.04 and 1711.05 of the Revised Code and made proper report to the department, then, upon presentation to the county auditor of a certificate from the director of agriculture that the laws of the state and the rules of the department have been complied with, the auditor of each county in which such a society is organized shall annually draw an order on the county treasurer of such county in favor of the president of such society for the sum of eight hundred dollars, and the treasurer shall pay it. The total amount of such order shall not exceed the amount paid in regular class premiums.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .